Addo Community Project


Addo Community Project Langbos Creche
Addo Community Project Langbos Creche

Education and Health Assistance was needed in the Addo Area. Langbos Creche and Care centre was started in 1994 by a really wonderful Addo woman named Muffy Miller. After Muffy had seen children scavenging on an illegal rubbish dump, she decided that something had to be done to help them. After ten years of fundraising they proudly built a humble small crèche/playschool and a Care centre in the Langbos Informal Settlement as their Addo Community Project.

The Langbos Creche and Care Centre is the safe haven for all as it serves the Community from birth to death. They have a soup kitchen twice a week and crafts once a week. They have created four permanent jobs (two teachers, a care-taker/cook and a gardener). Approximately 50 children attend the crèche daily. The older children make use of the facilities in the afternoon. The Langbos community live in dire poverty in shacks without water or electricity. Many are HIV positive and alcoholism and child abuse are a widespread problem.

As a citrus growing area, Addo offers mainly seasonal work and 70% of the Community is unemployed between November and March. All of these factors contribute to the high incidence of dysfunctional families and rampant suffering.

Chrislin would like to assist with fund raising and absolutely any help would be GREATLY appreciated! How can YOU get involved???

Donations of Items (anything welcome, but some examples of much needed items are:

Bibles (Life Applications) and Xhosa
Food Parcels
Milk Powder
Stationary and educational games

Donations of Funds

Funds are vital for the successful running of the Addo Community Project centre. Funds will go towards administrative costs, animal welfare, an Christmas party, cleaning material, community gardens, first aid boxes, general maintenance, paints, salaries and wages, sporting equipment, stationery and teacher training. If you would like to visit Langbos crèche (open Monday to Friday), please speak to us at reception. And if you are able to make donations of any kind, you are welcome to chat to us about that too.

Thank you.

Addo Community Project Langbos Creche